Whale Watching Tours


We boast one of the limited whale watching permits allocated country wide. We specialize in Boat Based whale watching in Gansbaai and we pride ourselves in offering a uniquely personalized service to all our clients

We operate in Area 6 of Walker Bay which is celebrated as the best location from which to view the magnificent Southern Right Whales. Our guests are looked after in lavish style by our fully qualified, proficient and registered whale guides whose only duty is to make your trip as memorable as possible. The safety of our guests is paramount and we have all-encompassing public liability insurance.

Area 6 of Walker Bay has the town of Hermanus on its Northern shore and the town of Gansbaai on its Southern shore.  We launche from the quaint fishing harbor of Gansbaai, from there we travel along the Cliffs of De Kelders and on towards Plaat beach. Gansbaai is a beautiful, scenic 35-minute drive from Hermanus and a two-hour drive from Cape Town.


A typical trip will have you exploring our magnificent coastline and bay while looking for whales, dolphins, sharks, seals and seabirds.  Apart from the Southern Right Whales, we are able to view BrydesWhales, Humpback Whales and possibly even Great White Sharks.There are many Cape Fur Seals, African Penguins, Dolphins, Sunfish and plenty of coastal marine birds to been seen whilst out at sea.

Before each trip, a brief, informative talk is given on what animals to look out for and the route we will be taking.  Each passenger is fitted with a reliable life jacket to ensure safety.  On each trip, we drink a toast to “Our Whales” in iced water.   We launch from the fishing harbour of Gansbaai and travel along the Cliffs of De Kelders towards the Plaat beach.

We want our guest to have a fun yet educational experience.  All trips have proficient marine guides on board to answer your questions and share their vast knowledge of the ocean and its creatures with you.  Our objective is to adhere to responsible tourism guidelines and the emphasis of all our trips is on the conservation and welfare of these magnificent animals.  We offer unique trips that give you the ability to observe some of the ocean’s biggest and enigmatic inhabitants in their natural surroundings.

However, on trips where no animals that we were targeting are seen, we will issue our passengers a “RETRIP VOUCHER”. These vouchers have NO EXPIRY DATE and will be reissued as many times as it takes for you to sight the animal you were looking for.


WHALE WATCHING TRIP: (June to December)

Adults: R900 per person.
Children u/12 years: R600
Children u/5 years: Free of charge



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SOUTHERN RIGHT WHALES (Ebalaena Australis)
Thousands of Southern right whales migrate from the colder Antarctic to the warmer, sheltered waters of the South African shores. Watching these gentle creatures sunning themselves or breaching is something not too be missed. Southern Right Whales can usually be seen from the shore, but seeing them right next to the boat is a more exciting experience. Boat based whale watching trips operate from Gansbaai harbour. All trips are led by whale guides.

General Interesting facts:

  • The Right Whale has been protected Internationally since 1935
  • They were given the name "right whales" because they were found to be the right whales to hunt
  • They were easy for whalers to hunt because they are big, slow and float when they are killed.
  • A whale's weight varies from 50 - 60 tons.
  • The right whale can be identified from other whales by it "V" shaped blow and growths (callosities) on the heads.
  • Most calves are born in August
  • A calf can drink up to 600 liters of milk per day
  • The gestation period about 1 year, this happens approximately every 3 - 7 years
  • Calves are born able too swim.
  • The mother and her calf form a very close bond